WowWee CHiP Robot Dog

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The WowWee CHiP is an intelligent robot dog. The little robot dog looks cute with his black and... mehr
Produktinformationen "WowWee CHiP Robot Dog"

The WowWee CHiP is an intelligent robot dog. The little robot dog looks cute with his black and white cup and blue collar and erect ears. CHiP is always ready to play and loves to cuddle. The toy robot dog is equipped with advanced sensors that make CHiP respond to instructions and commands. For example, the dog can be trained and the nature and behaviour can be formed. No two CHiPs are the same.
CHiP has a SmartBand which you will be recognized as owner. Thus, Chip greets you, makes clear when he wants to play or he will follow you. Download the free app and learn CHiP tricks or even yoga exercises.
With the SmartBall you can play endlessly together and play football. CHiP itself can retrieve the ball through the built-in GPS system and hes very quick by the four pivoting wheels. And when CHiP needs to rest, he automatically knows to find his SmartBed to recharge itself again.
Through high-tech sensors CHiP recognizes your voice, responds to hand movements and listens for commands such as sit, lay down and follow. In its head are 360 degrees infrared sensors and via built-in Bluetooth connected to the included SmartBand.
Over time, the personality of CHiP adapts. Train the dog by pressing the 'Like' button to encourage good behaviour. The longer you deal with chip the better he gets to know you.
CHiP is a loyal robot friend eager to learn and has the playful qualities of a real dog.
- Controllable with: iPhone, iPad, iPod or Android
- Recommended age: 8+ years
- Bluetooth
- With Beacon Sense and Gesture Sense
- Requires: 4 x 1.5V AAA batteries (not included)
package contents
1 x CHiP
1 x CHiP SmartBall
1 x CHiP SmartBand
1 x CHiP SmartBed
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x AC Adapter
4 x wheel holders
8 x screws
1 x Quick Start Guide
1 x multi-language instructions
Product information
- Product: WowWee CHiP Robot Dog
- Material: Plastic
- Colour: White, Black, Blue
- Packaging: Gift box
- Packaging dimensions: H 30 x L 38 x W 22 cm
- Packaging weight: 2663 grams
- Brand: WowWee

"WowWee CHiP Robot Dog"
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