Ugears Wooden Model Kit - Truck UGM-11

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The wooden 3D models of Ugears are unique in model building. Once you open the package, the... mehr
Produktinformationen "Ugears Wooden Model Kit - Truck UGM-11"

The wooden 3D models of Ugears are unique in model building. Once you open the package, the challenge of assembling and fun starts with a scent of birch wood. But the real amazing part is to see the model in action.
Each model is a piece of art itself, with a special function based on principles of mechanics. The models are made of birch wood and technically amazing thought through so no glue is needed! In addition, the manual for each model is so comprehensive that even an inexperienced hobbyist can assemble the model: the different parts are numbered; images refer to each element; the steps are clear and by crucial steps it shows where to pay extra attention. Each model uses toothpicks serving as axles for the wheels and each model has its own unique piece of accessory for measurements. And to smoothen the various gears, it is recommended to use wax.
The products of Ugears are a true gift to receive or to give, moreover, beautifully packed in a luxury gift box with window and each product turns into a dazzling masterpiece as home decoration.
Truck UGM-11
The UGM-11 Truck represents a new generation of mechanical models of Ugears, more advanced and also with more features. The UGM-11 truck runs, shifts, steers and accelerates like a real truck. The four-cylinder engine is driven by a crankshaft via the gear-driven system and by winding rubber bands at the top of the truck. The truck has a handle on the side to put the gear into reverse, forward or neutral. The open design makes it possible to fully admire the complex workings of the truck. For example you can actually see the four cylinders working under the hood in neutral transmission. The steering wheel has a real working steering column and is connected to the suspension.
'Rubber Punk is how the designers call the UGM-11 Truck, a perfect combination between clockwork mechanism and steampunk. The UGM-11 Truck is a real challenge for the enthusiast, but the result is an absolutely dazzling masterpiece.
The Ugears Truck UGM-11 guarantees hours of fun: truly great to assemble, fascinating to run repeatedly and endlessly to look at!
- No glue required
- Scale: 1:24
- 7 plates with 420 parts
- Recommended age: 14+ years
- More models available
- Including: detailed multi-language instructions
Product information
- Product: Wooden Model Kit Truck UGM-11
- Material: Birch plywood
- Dimensions: L 34 x W 14 x H 13 cm
- Packaging: Luxury Gift Box
- Packaging dimensions: L 37.5 x W 17 x D 3.5 cm
- Packaging weight: 1092 grams
- Brand: Ugears

"Ugears Wooden Model Kit - Truck UGM-11"
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